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Education Equity: Civil Rights of the 20th and 21st Century

If school choice didn’t work in Kent County why do we think it will work today?

If inequity of funding was a symptom of the problem 50 years ago how can we reform education by cutting funding today?

If lack of experience and lack of advanced degrees was a symptom of poor schools in the 1960’s how can replacing those same teachers be considered reform today? Continue reading

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Free Appropriate Public Education

Are public schools doing enough or are they trying to do too much? In the case of Hendrick Hudson School District v. Rowley A lower court noted that: “she performs better than the average child in her class and is … Continue reading

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The budget as a Vision Statement

As a math person i am not afraid of numbers or budgets, but a budget is more than just numbers. Much of the money from the federal government has strings attached to it so every penny has to come from … Continue reading

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Curriculum and Instruction

Image via Wikipedia Some days I’m just amazed by the people I go to school with. This the first week back after a month off and everyone jumps out of the gate running. These cohorts literally wrote hundreds of individual … Continue reading

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Charity Begins At Home

I read this blog a while ago and was struck by his 3rd point about schools raising money. I sent it to my sons’ principal. I am not against schools raising money. I think our schools in general are underfunded. … Continue reading

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Thinking about the role of principal one might initially think, “Gee if we could only fire the bottom 5% to 10% of teachers we might improve our schools.” Sure sounds good, except, what if the replacements you hired were just … Continue reading

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Positive Culture and Change

I can’t sleep thinking about all this change. Way back when I first started teaching I just didn’t know how good I had it. It was like teaching in a school with my extended family. We all got along great, … Continue reading

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Evaluating School Reform

Evaluating school reform. During the discussion this week a few of my fellow students echoed my feelings on school reform. “I don’t really think about it I just sort of follow the instructions given from above.” After weeks of reading … Continue reading

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