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Education Equity: Civil Rights of the 20th and 21st Century

If school choice didn’t work in Kent County why do we think it will work today?

If inequity of funding was a symptom of the problem 50 years ago how can we reform education by cutting funding today?

If lack of experience and lack of advanced degrees was a symptom of poor schools in the 1960’s how can replacing those same teachers be considered reform today? Continue reading

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Free Appropriate Public Education

Are public schools doing enough or are they trying to do too much? In the case of Hendrick Hudson School District v. Rowley A lower court noted that: “she performs better than the average child in her class and is … Continue reading

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The budget as a Vision Statement

As a math person i am not afraid of numbers or budgets, but a budget is more than just numbers. Much of the money from the federal government has strings attached to it so every penny has to come from … Continue reading

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Future of Curriculum

RT @LearnBoost: Is the Khan Academy the future of education? Don’t be too quick to dismiss the possibility. If a computer can do it better why not let it Math Wars May you live in interesting times. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Curriculum

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How do we motivate teachers to better understand curriculum guides?

I confess when I started teaching, even in math, if I had a book I based most of my curriculum on the book. The individual lessons were often modified, but I allowed the book publisher to dictate most of what … Continue reading

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Curriculum Narrative Summary

My summary of our discussion during the week.

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Curriculum and Instruction

Image via Wikipedia Some days I’m just amazed by the people I go to school with. This the first week back after a month off and everyone jumps out of the gate running. These cohorts literally wrote hundreds of individual … Continue reading

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Educational Philosophy

My rewritten philosophy of education, cross posted at my personal blog. Comments welcome. Educational Philosophy Schools can and do influence most aspects of their students. To effectively educate students schools must reflect the attitude of the local community and build … Continue reading

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Philosophy of Education

I was not as happy with my final in Supervision as I was in the leadership course. I’d like to make some excuses, but I won’t. Being a leader is important, but without the ability to help a staff learn … Continue reading

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