Leadership Supervision Podcast

Yesterday November 22, 2010 was the final day to turn in work for the Supervision class. I had a few extra thoughts rolling around in my head during my drive to work. I thought I would try creating a podcast. I know there is a better way to do this than to make you download the file. I’ll figure it out, but if you want to give me some clues feel free to put them into the comments.

Leadership and Supervision

An idea I got from listening to Budtheteacher’s brain dumps. Just record your thoughts into your phone while driving and instant podcast. It wasn’t quite that easy, but it is a start.

Thank you cell phone, thank you online file converter, thank you google docs for hosting the file.


About dendari

I finished my program at JHU in 2011. If you have enjoyed my writing here please follow me at philosophywithoutahome.com.
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