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Charity Begins At Home

I read this blog a while ago and was struck by his 3rd point about schools raising money. I sent it to my sons’ principal. I am not against schools raising money. I think our schools in general are underfunded. … Continue reading

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Leadership Supervision Podcast

Yesterday November 22, 2010 was the final day to turn in work for the Supervision class. I had a few extra thoughts rolling around in my head during my drive to work. I thought I would try creating a podcast. … Continue reading

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Observation and Evaluation

Image via Wikipedia A two-piece post inspired by my own observation and write-up at my other site. If your boss sent you a message and said, “I’m coming to observe your work next week for one hour. I want you … Continue reading

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The Other Half of Supervision

Image via Wikipedia So far the emphasis of the supervision course has been on observation. However, almost no focus has been put on job evaluation. Meaning we are not observing teachers to evaluate whether we should keep them as teachers … Continue reading

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