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I don’t know what to write yet. the new class did start this week, but most of the week was spent in preparation. Supervision and Professional Development so far means learning to observe. A tricky question because it isn’t going to be all about finding what people do wrong. I mean that is the easy part right?

A good math teacher will spend time observing his/her students and try to determine what misconceptions they hold, then when you show them where their misconception fails they realize they need to revise what they know.

So perhaps supervision is at least partially similar.

A good teacher will learn with the students. We are life-long learners.

Perhaps supervision is similar to that.

I didn’t really feel like writing this week, but two of the blogs I like the most came out with the same topic. Keep on Writing from Bud The Teacher and Finding the Strength to Write with Chris Lehmann. So I’m writing. Thanks guys.

Plus Chris mentioned something about creating a walk through with Google apps, I should talk to my team about that and see what we can come up with.

Long long ago I dreamed of writing a novel, not so long ago I dreamed of writing a short story. I still work on them sometimes, not often enough. I’ve read a few books on writing, but the advice really comes down to one thing. Write everyday. (I hope reflective papers count.)


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I finished my program at JHU in 2011. If you have enjoyed my writing here please follow me at philosophywithoutahome.com.
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