Leadership Covered: Supervision Next

Grades came back the other day. I worry too much. I did just fine.

It was strange reading just the parts my teacher highlighted it was like reading a paper written by someone completely different. Reading my own paper from someone elses point of view I could see that not only was I making the points I wanted to, but they were actually more clear than I thought they would be. Perhaps more clear than they were in my own head. (Which kind of makes the point of quality feedback in a timely manner)

While listening to my principal today in our school professional development I couldn’t help but compare what she was saying to the lessons I learned over the past 8 weeks. As usual it was kind of like listening to chapters from the Jossey-Bass Reader on Educational Leadership. I guess being a life-long learner I’m not finished learning about leadership, but it is time to start thinking about supervision. Class starts Tuesday.


About dendari

I finished my program at JHU in 2011. If you have enjoyed my writing here please follow me at philosophywithoutahome.com.
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