Introduce Myself

As I begin my 7th year of teaching I also begin my long-awaited journey into administration. I always knew I would eventually go into administration, but first I wanted to really understand what it meant to be a teacher. After teaching in three different districts and working with students from kindergarten to high school, I feel comfortably ready to begin the next part of my journey.

I began the journey just over a month ago and already I feel I’ve grown leaps and bounds. Over the past few years I have leveraged 21st Century technology to enhance my own professional growth. I’ve learned tons. I’ve learned so much so fast that I have, at times, had to pull back and take a break from learning to digChild's faceest it all.

What I have done is similar to how my 5-year-old has been trying to learn how to swim. At first he would jump into the pool with his life jacket on, then he would put on his swim suit with floatation bags, and lately he has been jumping into the pool with just his shorts on. I’ve watched and offered to help, but so far he has been happy to experiment and watch his slightly older peers as he tries to figure out how to swim. At times he asks for help, but doesn’t stop long enough to listen. Soon though he will ask me, “how do you swim so fast?” then he will listen while I teach him.

I’ve decided to stop jumping into the pool and let someone who knows what they are doing guide my learning. So far it’s working. While it still may be overwhelming the amount of stuff there is to learn it is comforting to know I’m not in it alone and there is a goal at the end of it all. Even if that goal is just another step along the path of lifelong learning.


About dendari

I finished my program at JHU in 2011. If you have enjoyed my writing here please follow me at
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1 Response to Introduce Myself

  1. Donna says:


    I wish you much luck and success with the program. Thanks for documenting your journey for us!

    Donna Schnupp

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