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The Quiet Leader

Much of the readings we have concentrated on over the course of  the “Effective Leadership” class have focused on the concepts of shared leadership. I’m sure for most people the first thought when someone mentions leadership is what Jerome Murphy … Continue reading

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Positive Culture and Change

I can’t sleep thinking about all this change. Way back when I first started teaching I just didn’t know how good I had it. It was like teaching in a school with my extended family. We all got along great, … Continue reading

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Evaluating School Reform

Evaluating school reform. During the discussion this week a few of my fellow students echoed my feelings on school reform. “I don’t really think about it I just sort of follow the instructions given from above.” After weeks of reading … Continue reading

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Introduce Myself

As I begin my 7th year of teaching I also begin my long-awaited journey into administration. I always knew I would eventually go into administration, but first I wanted to really understand what it meant to be a teacher. After … Continue reading

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